We have an extensive internal and external proofing and testing process to check and re-check our patterns for errors and ease-of-use. Alas we’re only human and mistakes can occasionally slip through. If you think something is amiss please drop us a line so we can fix it as soon as possible. Thanks so much for your help!

Pearl cardigan – sizes UK 6-24 printed and PDF patterns and sizes UK 16-34 PDF patterns.
The shorten/lengthen line is missing from the neckband pattern piece.  If you are shortening or lengthening the bodice pattern piece make the same adjustment to the neckband.  You can add a shorten/lengthen line halfway between the pointed end and the front neckline notch.

Skye sundress – sizes UK 6-24 printed patterns only
The bias binding pattern piece says to cut 4. This is incorrect, it should say cut 8. The cutting layout diagrams are correct.

Billie sweatshirt - printed patterns from first print run before November 2020 only
Balloon sleeve version - The front armhole notches on the balloon sleeve are 1.6cm too low. Please ignore the notches when pinning the armhole and it will go in just fine. (Regular sleeve notches are correct.)
Lotta dress - Printed patterns and PDF patterns purchased before mid-May 2021
The size 9 line is missing from the 'Skirt Part 2/2' pattern piece at the hem. The size 9 line sits between the sizes 8 and 10 size lines. 
Dominique skirt - printed patterns from February 2020 print run only
The size 10 hip measurement in the body measurement chart on the ‘Find Your Pattern Size’ page is incorrect. It should be 51 inches, not 59 inches.
Make It Simple book - first English language edition only

On the diagram of the Tabitha skirt on p.88, the 'Place on fold' arrow should be on the opposite side.

Ness skirt - printed patterns only

There are a couple of mixups with the order of the sentences in the instruction booklet (printed pattern only). An insert has been added to the pattern to explain this:

Mini version - After you’ve sewn the centre front seam of the skirt (step 16), don’t topstitch it just yet. It’s easier to do it just before you sew the bar tacks on the zip topstitching (step 25). Clip into the seam allowance of the centre front seam just under the zip to open it up, then topstitch the seam allowance 10mm (3/8in) from the seam line, from the base of the zip to the hem.

All versions - For step 24, tacking the zip facing, switch the order of the 2nd and 3rd sentences so it reads as follows: From the wrong side, pin the facing to the skirt underneath. With the zip guard temporarily pinned out of the way, tack (baste) around the finished edge of the zip facing in contrast thread, 15mm (5/8in) from the edge. If your tacking looks uneven, correct the guide line in chalk pencil.

Stevie top + tunic - digital patterns purchased prior to 27 August 2018 and printed patterns purchased before September 2019

The 115cm (45in) wide cutting layout only shows one cuff, not two. The pattern pieces do all fit on the same amount of fabric, the second cuff laid out under the first, it's just that one piece is missing from the diagram.

Joni dress - Stretch - 1st and 2nd UK editions

Some of the waist measurements listed in the finished measurements chart are wrong. The correct finished measurements are as follows:




68cm (27in)


73cm (29in)


78cm (31in)


83cm (33in)


88cm (35in)


93.5cm (37in)


98.5cm (39in)


103.5cm (41in)


Zadie dress - digital patterns purchased before 24 March 2017 and printed patterns purchased before September 2017

The top corner seam allowances on the front skirt and pocket facing should be a slightly different shape. Don't worry about changing the pattern - but when you lay the front bodice over the front skirt, match the waistlines up at the centre notches and pivot points. Little corners of the front skirt waistline seam allowance will peep out by 0.5cm (1/4in) - just ignore them or snip them off!

Cleo pinafore - purchased 3 - 8 November 2016 only

All customers affected have been emailed diagrams of quick fixes plus a replacement pattern piece. All other patterns have been amended.

The front facing is 1.5cm (5/8in) wider than it should be. Please redraw the centre front seam (the one with the 'place on fold' arrow) 1.5cm (5/8in) inside the current line. If you've already cut your fabric, don't worry - cut the front facing in half along the centre and stitch the two pieces together using a 15mm (5/8in) seam allowance (the same way you join the two front dress pieces) to eliminate the excess.

Dominique skirt - purchased before February 2018 only

If you're cutting the flared skirt out of 115cm (45in) wide fabric, three pieces can be cut with the pattern face up, one face down. You'll need 20cm (1/8 yard) extra fabric.

Francoise dress - purchased before 4 December 2014 only

The size 6 tab piece has the wrong style of dashed line. The size 6 tab is the 6th line, counting from the inside out.

Miette skirt - digital patterns purchased before September 2017 and printed patterns

The cutting layout diagrams show 2 pocket pieces being cut - you need to cut 4. They will fit on the same amount of fabric following these layouts.

Margot pyjamas - Love at First Stitch - 1st UK edition only

If you're using the optional ribbon instead of making your own drawstring, the length of the ribbon should be your waist measurement (rather than half of your waist measurement) plus 50cm (20in).

Lilou dress - Love at First Stitch - 1st UK edition only

The cutting line for size 6 Front Skirt should be dash-dot style rather than a solid line.