Which countries do you ship to?

We send orders all over the world! Take a look at the delivery info for details of postage costs and estimated turnaround times. Prices are listed in British pounds.

How much is postage?

Postage prices are listed on the delivery page so you can see what you're paying before you go through to the checkout.

How do I pay for my goodies, please?

You can pay securely by Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal.

I ordered a paper pattern but haven’t received it yet…

Please read our delivery information to see the expected waiting times for paper patterns. If you are paying with a PayPal account, please check that the account holds your correct delivery address as that is the one we will post your pattern to. If you are still having problems, please get in touch!

I ordered a digital pattern but haven’t received it yet…

Ooh noo! Digital patterns are sent to your email automatically a few seconds after payment has been made. Sometimes the email ends up in the spam or junk folder rather than your inbox - is it in there? If you paid with a PayPal account, it will have been sent to the email associated with that account - is it there? If you've looked in these places and still can't find it, the order might have been blocked by your email account, so drop us a line with your name, order number and the email address it was supposed to go to and we’ll be happy to sort it out for you.

I'm trying to download a digital pattern but it says "link expired". Help!

The link expires after you've clicked on it three times, so it sounds like you've already downloaded the pattern. Take a look on the desktop or downloads folder on your computer - your files should be there. Found them? If not, drop us a line with your name and order number and we'll be happy to help.

Can I return what I’ve bought?

Please take a look at our Returns Policy for details of when and how you can cancel your order or return what you've bought.


I'm new to sewing - what should I make first?

The Dominique skirt, the Margot pyjamas in Tilly's book, the Miette skirt, the Cleo pinafore and the Bettine dress have all been designed with beginners in mind. They're super easy to make and fit, with no fiddly zips, buttonholes, darts or set-in sleeves. Hooray!

What sizes do the patterns come in?

Each pattern includes 8 different size options, similar to UK sizes 6 to 20 or US sizes 2 to 16. There's a sizing chart on each product page (like this one) so you can see the measurements. We number our pattern sizes from 1 – 8 to avoid any confusion with ready-to-wear sizing, which can vary wildly between brands and is sometimes mis-leading! Much better to choose your pattern size based on your actual measurements so you can make something that fits you - hooray!

I'm bigger than your biggest size... why can't you add more sizes to your patterns?

We wish that offering more plus sizes were as simple as adding extra sizes to the existing patterns, but sadly that wouldn't produce a great product. Because of the different body proportions of plus sizes, we would have to design, develop and print a whole other line of patterns from scratch - unfortunately as a small business we don't have the resources to do this at the moment. It's something we would love to do in the future as the business grows.

Are measurements metric (cm) or imperial (inches)?

Both! Our patterns and book include both metric and imperial measurements so you don't need to waste any time converting them, you can get on with sewing.

What should I do if I find an error on your pattern?

Thanks for spotting that! We put tons of work into producing, testing and proofing each pattern. Alas we’re only human and mistakes happen, so if you think something is amiss please drop us a line so we can fix it. Any errors will be listed on the errata page. Thanks so much for your help!


Are the individual patterns shown here included in your book?

Tilly's book features all new and exclusive patterns. Wanna know what the patterns in the book are called? Brigitte, Margot, Delphine, Megan, Clémence, Mimi and Lilou. Oh là là! Take a look at the designs and what people are making with them.

Do I have to download the patterns in your book?

Nope, the pattern sheets are included in the back of the book. They are printed on both sides of the paper though so it's a good idea to trace them off before cutting them out. Have a look at p.47 in the book.

How do I use the patterns in your book if they are printed on both sides of paper?

Because sewing books feature lots of patterns, they are usually printed double sided or overlapping to keep the price down. To use them, all you need to do is trace them off first onto a large piece of paper - take a look at p.47 in the book for more information.

What languages does your book come in?

Love at First Stitch is currently available in UK English, US/Canadian English, CzechDanishDutch, FinnishGerman, Norwegian and Swedish.

Why don't you make it available in French/Spanish?

We'd absolutely love to, but we don't publish the books ourselves. The way it works is that a foreign language publisher buys the rights from our UK publisher. If you know of a French or Spanish publisher who might be interested, please do tell them about the book!


Where is your lovely studio, please?

Our address is Parkhall, 40 Martell Road, London SE21 8EN – here's a map. We're about 10-15 minutes’ walk from West Dulwich station (12 minutes to Victoria) and West Norwood station (21 minutes to London Bridge), with good bus connections. You can plan your journey via TFL.

I’ve never sewn anything before… which workshop should I book?

Learn to Sew 1: Make Friends with a Sewing Machine is the one for you! It’s for absolute beginners who want to leave feeling confident using a sewing machine. You’ll need to know how to use a sewing machine to be able to join our other sewing workshops.

How many people are in each workshop?

We like to keep our workshops small so you can spread out and get all the attention you need from the teacher. Learn to Sew 1 has a maximum of eight participants, and the other workshops have a maximum of seven participants.

Rats! The workshop I wanted to come to is sold out… what shall I do?

Ah boo! If there's enough interest, we'll try to repeat the workshop, so email us to say which class you're interested in and we'll let you know if and when we run it again.

I’d love to take a workshop on something that’s not on your list. What shall I do?

Let us know! If the workshops prove popular, we’d love to run more in the future. And we’re always open to suggestions!

I don’t live in London… why can’t you run workshops in my home town?

This is a popular request - so we've recently launched online workshops, which you can take from the comfort of your own home, wherever you live!

Are the workshops suitable for children?

The workshops are designed for adults, from 16 years upwards.

Can I come to a workshop if I’m a man?

Of course! The garment patterns that we use in our classes are designed for women, but if you don’t mind that, then do come along, you’ll be very welcome. Quite a few men have made the Margot pyjamas already, as it happens.

What happens if I’m running late for the workshop?

If you think you’re going to be late, please let us know as soon as you can by texting or calling the teacher (you will be sent their phone number before the class). We'll start the class on time and catch you up as best we can later on. Please do try to be on time though!

I booked a workshop place but can't come anymore - can I cancel it?

Please take a look at our Returns Policy for details of when and how you can cancel your workshop booking.

If I’ve already got a copy of the book/pattern included with the workshop fee, can I get a discount?

We can't offer discounts on workshops based on supplies, but what we can do is allow you to swap your book/pattern that you’re given in class for a different Tilly and the Buttons sewing pattern (sorry, not a book). If you want to do this, please bring along your own copy of the book/pattern as you’ll need it in the workshop. Alternatively you could just gift the extra copy to a grateful friend :)

Where should I get the fabric I need for the workshop?

If you need to bring fabric, it will say on the workshop page. There’s a list of suggested online shops selling lovely fabric on the right hand side of the blog, or if you’d prefer to buy it in person, check out this post on fabric shopping in London. Ooh fabric shopping… fun!

I want to give someone a workshop as a gift... can I buy them a gift voucher so they can choose themselves?

Yes indeedy! Gift vouchers are redeemable on anything in the shop, including workshops.

You mention a cheeky drinkie… tell me more!

We think it’s important to toast your new crafting skills, so afternoon and evening workshops end with a celebratory spot of vino or a soft drink. (Before anyone writes in, we won’t actually be pouring the plonk while hands are still on sewing machines – because health and safety etc.) Pausing for a drink will also give you an opportunity to ask us any final questions you didn’t think of before when you were too busy sewing, and to seal any new friendships made during the workshop - people who love making things tend to be really nice, we find!

I need to book train tickets… is the workshop guaranteed to take place?

We will do everything we can to make sure the workshop goes ahead. However, occasionally we may need to reschedule or cancel a workshop, for example if there are not enough participants to cover the costs of paying the teacher, or if the teacher is ill and we can’t find a replacement. If that’s the case, we will offer you a choice of a full refund or place on an alternative date. Unfortunately we are unable to cover any other costs associated with you getting here, so if you’re travelling from outside London it’s a good idea to book refundable train tickets just in case.

Could / Should I bring food with me?

If you like! We’ll provide hot and cold drinks, but we don’t cater for lunch or dinner. So if your workshop spans a mealtime, you’d be welcome to bring a packed lunch along and store it in our fridge, otherwise we can suggest some shops and cafes nearby where you can buy food during the break.

How accessible is the studio?

The studio is located up two flights of stairs. If you have any special access requirements, please get in touch before booking so we can discuss how to help you into the building. There is an alternative lift entrance, for example, that we may be able to arrange access to.

Your workshops sound like the best thing ever! Can I book a private event just for me and my pals for a birthday / hen party / work do?

We’d love to have you and will certainly consider it! Drop us a line with the dates you have in mind and number of people, and we’ll see if we can arrange something for you.


How long does an online workshop take to complete?

That’s up to you! The beauty of the format is that you can tailor it to your pace and learning preference. The course is broken down into manageable, bitesize lessons – you may like to spread them out over five to ten evenings. Alternatively if you’d prefer a crash course all in one go, I’d suggest setting aside a weekend to follow the lessons and make your first top. Remember there’s no deadline and you can revisit the lessons whenever you like, so you can fit it around your other commitments.

What if I can’t finish the course straight away?

That’s fine! The course will be around for a long time – you’ll have access to it for as long as it’s available. We can’t guarantee “lifetime access”, you know, in case of a digital apocalypse or something, but we don’t plan to take the content down any time soon. We will give you a few months’ notice if for any reason we do decide to take the workshop down, so you’ll have plenty of time.

Will I get direct feedback on my own makes or sewing questions? Is there a student forum?

Some of the lessons include a discussion area for you to leave comments, ask questions, share photos of what you’re making, and chat to other participants. We will drop in every so often to answer burning questions and join in the discussion, but please note that this is a group course, and we’re not able to reply to every comment or question. We want to keep the price of the online workshops accessible, so we’re not able to cover salaries for staff to constantly monitor the discussion area. If you have a burning question or technical issue, you can of course email us and we’ll be happy to help.

Will I be charged any additional transaction fees?

We won’t charge you any additional fees, but there’s a chance that your bank may charge you a small additional currency conversion or foreign payment fee, depending on their policies. Please check with your bank if you’re unsure.

Can I book a place on the workshop and share it with friends?

Purchasing a place on an online workshop entitles you to individual access – one place is not to be shared between more than one person. The content is copyright and not to be copied, shared or distributed, whether you profit from it or not.

What’s your refund policy on online workshops?

Please see our returns policy under ‘Returning digital products’.

I’d love you to do an online workshop on…

That’s great, we’d love to hear your suggestions – drop us a line!


Can I sell garments I’ve made from Tilly and the Buttons patterns?

Sorry, but Tilly and the Buttons patterns are licensed for individual use only, and can only be used to make garments for yourself or as gifts. The garments you make from the patterns cannot be sold to others.

I own a shop – please can I sell your patterns and/or books?

Thank you so much for your interest! Please drop us a line at wholesale {at} tillyandthebuttons.com and we'll send you our wholesale information.

Can I teach a sewing class using your sewing patterns / the sewing patterns in your book?

Yes, you can! Each student will have to buy their own copy of the pattern or book as they are licensed for individual use only. If you plan to include the pattern/book in the price of the course, we can offer a wholesale discount on bulk purchases - please drop us a line at wholesale {at} tillyandthebuttons.com for further information. Please be sure to credit the pattern to Tilly and the Buttons and use the pattern/book's correct name in the class description.


I'm stuck on a sewing problem...

Our printed sewing patterns come with detailed guides that walk you through each step in photos and provide extra sewing tips to help you out. If the sewing problem you're having isn't covered there, we often write extra blog posts that go into even more detail - there's a link in the guide that came with the pattern.

If it's a general sewing-related issue that you're having, may I recommend my book? It covers lots of sewing tips and techniques, including lots of things that can really throw you as a beginner. There are lots of sewing tips on my blog too, particularly in the Learn to Sew section. I hope this helps!

Where do you suggest I buy fabric?

Some of our favourite online fabric shops are featured on the right hand side of Tilly's blog. If you're looking for knit fabric for Coco, Tilly has compiled a list of suggestions. She's also written a blog post on fabric shopping in London. Have fun!

I've got a complaint or a suggestion for improving your business...

Please drop us a line, we're always interested to hear your feedback and ideas to help us improve what we offer. Thank you!

Can you give me some advice on blogging / developing a line of sewing patterns / starting a business?

For advice on blogging, you can watch a video of me sharing my top tips on blogging with designer-maker businesses at the Folksy Summer School 2013. As for developing a line of sewing patterns, there's no single route to get into it, but personally I have a professional background in designing learning programmes and I trained in pattern drafting at the London College of Fashion. I've written a post sharing my tips for turning a hobby into a business. Wishing you the best of luck!

If your question isn’t answered here, it may be in the FAQ on the blog.